Warranty and Returns Policy

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Updated 21/04/2023


GCW Auto Parts – Warranty and Returns Policy


By purchasing goods from GCW Auto Parts, the purchaser agrees to the terms and conditions set out below:


1.      GCW Auto Parts does not accept returns on any part/s as a result of the purchaser changing their mind, incorrectly ordered part/s, incorrectly diagnosed or no longer requiring part/s.

2.      If a part is deemed defective after the time of purchase, GCW Auto Parts offers a standard 30-day silver warranty.

3.      Parts returned by the purchaser must be complete, as originally sold. Warranty will be void for parts that are altered, dismantled, missing parts or otherwise tampered with.

4.      Defective parts returned within 30-days: GCW Auto Parts will repair, replace or refund the purchase amount.

5.      GCW Auto Parts holds no responsibility for the fitment of incorrect parts. The responsibility is on the purchaser to ensure that the part/s supplied are correct.

6.      It is the purchaser’s responsibility to trial fit part/s to ensure correct part is selected before modifying, disassembling or altering.

7.      Parts sold at the advice of GCW Auto Parts sales team may be returned if the part is deemed incorrect or unsuitable for purchaser’s vehicle.

8.      The warranty cover does not extend to damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, natural disaster or other external causes that have caused damage to the part and are inconsistent with their intended purpose.

9.      Parts ordered from external organisations, at the request of the purchaser, are not covered under warranty unless part supplied is defective or damaged in transit.


10.  Due to the sensitivity of electrical parts and the damage that can be caused by other faulty parts, all electrical parts are excluded from any form of warranty unless electrical part/s have not been removed from original packaging.

11.  Electrical part/s that have been brokered in from any of GCW Auto Parts supplier network are not covered by any warranty.

12.  Returns for electrical part/s supplied by a broker will only be accepted if the broker agrees to accept return.


13.  Engines and transmissions supplied by GCW Auto Parts include a standard 3-month parts only warranty.

14.  By purchasing an engine or transmission, the purchaser understands that certain procedures must be followed to ensure the engine/transmission will work as intended, which include, but are not limited to new oil, new filters, new gaskets, new seals and new fluids. If this is not done than warranty is voided.

15.  Warranty does not apply to accessories and non-standard inclusions or any part that is attached to the engine, including but not limited to turbocharges, switches, sensors, cables, electronics, belts, hoses, water pumps, oil seals gaskets and manifolds.

16.  Warranty does not apply to transmissions, differentials and final drive components that have broken gears or have been subject to accident, misuse, neglect or use inconsistent with its intended purpose.

17.  Engines and transmissions sold as parts only will not be covered under warranty as the condition of internal parts cannot be guaranteed.

18.  To proceed with claiming warranty on driveline components which includes but not limited to engines and transmissions. A diagnostic report from the installing technician is required.

19.  Warranty is void if part/s have not been installed by a qualitied technician. Proof of installation is required.


20.  Warranty claims can only be granted by authorised GCW Auto Parts management team members. Warranty approvals are subject to the discretion of the management team.

Any questions regarding the Warranty and Returns policy please email info@gcwreckers.com